The welcome area, the first impression, the door-step to a unique dinning experience like no other place in Doha. Yasmine Palace Reception, the start of an unforgettable visit.


This is our curvy tunnel at the main entrance of Yasmine Palace. This handmade and engraved Islamic design and the architecture decor takes you from the moment you step into Yasmine Palace and welcomes you in the most impressive and hospitable style.


This is Yasmine Palace largest restaurant, located at the central of the restaurant complex and serves its clients with impressive ambiance, décor and dinning choices and cuisines.


The restaurant is adjacent to andalusia and decorated to impress visitor with levant’s most unique themed restaurant in town. Popular for its garden style decor, and highly recommended to not miss any of its specialty dishes.


Tamari, the arabian gulf restaurant with a qatari character that combines originality with modernity, passion with magic.
Located at left the wing of the Yasmine Palace entrance.


Adjacent to andalusia, the souq shop and showroom displays some of the most unique hand-made artists souvenirs and corporate gifts. Pay a visit and get amazed of what human creativity and art can produce for your especially occasions or dear ones, you may like to seize something you always loved to try or dream of have.


Why waiting for long? We have designed for you a special area to relax and settle down for few minutes until your table is ready. Just stay back and enjoy the ambiance and our welcome drink while our team finds your best dinning experience location.


This multi-use area located at the first floor, allows you to best design your own seating arrangements. Either for waiting or your remote group gathering, the choice is yours and we help you to make it happens.


This is our VVIP room, a very private lounge style, to let you enjoy the luxury of this handcrafted wooden decor and furniture and have a memorable remote chat and gathering with business partners or friends.


On the first floor, overlooking Andalusia, Sherfa, means in Arabic the balcony, provides another magical view of the restaurant. All menus Food are served here as well for those who wants a little different scenery angle, or to stay at a higher floor or remain close to the little ones playing area.


For your private dining, Yasmine Palace have made more than 10 private rooms available for a very special dining experience. If you wish to experience our private rooms on the first floor, please reserve online or tell our service team and they should be happy to accommodate your request.


Located on the first floor, the counter and its carefully crafted shelves, offer you the opportunity to buy directly some of our home-made gourmet products and edibles. Take with you home, what you have eaten during your dine-in.


Let your little ones enjoy a safe, fun and playful area while you enjoy your company and chat. Playing oasis offers kids from 5 to 15 years another dimensions of joy and excitement. It contains various types of games such as vr slider, air hockey, interactive touch screen / table.
And for the very little under 5 years, our trained nursery team will ensure care and creative and learning time.
Praying oasis is located on the first floor of Yasmine Palace.


A well-designed area for your comfort and devotional moments. Men praying area is located on the first floor of Yasmine Palace and can accommodate up to 50 persons at the time.


Private and well-made area for women to practice worshiping with comfort and ease. Women praying area is located on the first floor of Yasmine Palace and can accommodate up to 50 persons at the time.


Well-through to comfort and impress. Craftsmen details were minded in every single corner, wall and piece of art. Located at various areas of yasmine palace.


An area to entertain, watch, listen and speak. Located at the main area of Andalusia. Easily viewed by most tables on ground or first floor.


Accessed from Andalusia or outside directly, marina terrace serves its clients with the best view of the pearl and its beautiful monuments and surroundings along with all dinning menus and beverages varieties. Shisha is served at this terrace.


Either during the day or night time, enjoy the best ever view of Doha skyline and west bay area. Have your favorite Shisha flavor and lay back and enjoy your company and food orders. This terrace can be accessed from Al-Rabwa restaurant or from the pearl walking area as well.


It is located left to the main entrance of Yasmine Palace. Facing the main fountain and the entire neighborhood of Yasmine Palace. Ideal for a Shisha, traditional beverage and most important.

CIGAR LOUNGE (coming soon)

CIGAR LOUNGE (coming soon)

Located behind Al-Rabwa terrace. This unique and exotic lounge venue designed only for cigar aficionados who seek ultimate exclusivity to ensure relaxation in total comfort.
The venue offers a vast variety of world-class cigar menu tastes and flavors topped up with classy accessories such as luxury boxes, cutters, lighters, ashtrays and many other.


This is the most inviting oriental pastries and sweat counter at the pearl. Located at Tamari restaurant. Visitors can experience dine-in freshly cooked and prepared Arabic delicious sweats or can buy on the go.

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