Yasmine Palace occupies the finest spot in The Pearl. In this fantasy space, the past merges with the present and the epitome of authentic Arab architecture is found.

It is the fruit of imagination and ancient history, and its beauty lies in its ingenuity. Its whispering walls relate the story of our mighty historic figures brought together by the love of jasmine in the Palace.

With its warm and pleasant ambiance, you will find joy in every corner. Its magical beauty is engraved on the surface of the walls.
Its art will take you to the stars, to the past and through the ages.

The smell of jasmine will transport you to historical places As it sings a long-awaited melody of love only completed by your presence. Yasmine Palace is inspired by different Arab cultures and civilizations. It serves Andalusian-inspired dishes which revolve around a passion for jasmine. Its cooking philosophy – its ingredients, taste and presentation – only add to a refined exquisite experience in the Palace. Join us in an interesting tasteful journey. For as long as you love Jasmine, there is nothing you cannot find. Your love for Jasmine is sending you a call. Do not leave it unanswered.


  • Qatar newest oriental and international luxury themed restaurant venue
  • The city’s only restaurants complex under one roof (3 restaurants, 3 terraces, 2 lounges)
  • The grandest restaurant venue in Doha
  • The finest spot in the Pearl with 360 degrees view
  • Easy access and location
  • Indoor and outdoor seating facilities
  • Multiple private family sections
  • Valet Parking
  • Complimentary WIFI
  • Secured and smart kids playing areas


Both in our fine dining areas or in the kitchen, the teams at Yasmine Palace use all their talents to make sure every meal is an unforgettable occasion. In the dining room, the smooth operations of the staff begin well before service. The art of classy catering service is faithfully reproduced here. Everyone moves into action without rushing, aware of the part they play and happy to provide such an excellent service. A few minutes before service starts, the team is briefed about the guests and where they will sit.


P.O BOX 4505

Pearl Qatar, Qatar

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