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Yasmine Palace occupies the finest spot at The Pearl. In this opulent space, the past merges with the present and traditional cuisine is accentuated by authentic Arab architecture.

Imagined to evoke memories of ancient palatial splendor, Yasmine Palace’s ingenuity is in its four dining experiences, making it the only multi-themed restaurants complex in Doha.

The walls whisper historic stories to guests as they are ushered into a unique sensory experience, where a delectable and extensive menu takes guests on a journey across continents. You can find a place of joy in every corner!

Yasmine Palace is inspired by Arab cultures and civilizations. It serves a beautiful mix of Andalusian, Levantine and Qatari-inspired dishes, which revolve around a passion for jasmine – in fact, if you appreciate the humble, yet invigorating jasmine, you’ll find this an experience that opens up a whole new world.

From the welcoming courtyard to the first impression as you step through the magnificent archway, awaits a dining experience unlike any other in Doha.

The Restaurants

Design & Produced by Qatar Resturant, Home, YASMINE PALACE - مطعم قصر الياسمين


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Parcel 18,
Fountain Round About,
Porto Arabia,
Pearl Qatar.



P.O BOX 4505

Pearl Qatar, Qatar

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