Yasmine Palace occupies the finest spot in The Pearl and offers the most tantalizing combination of dining experiences Qatar has seen.

In this space, fantastic images of the past merge with the present and the epitome of authentic Arab architecture complements the cuisines of the region.

From its traditional archways to the various themed restaurants, Yasmine Palace was designed to deliver a luxurious sensory experience – from the decor to the wafting scents, and most certainly the cuisine, Yasmine Palace adds its own unique character to inspired classics, making sure to respect the traditions that have been handed down through generations.

Yasmine is the Arabic word for jasmine and the aroma of sweet jasmine welcomes diners to Andalusia, which is the themed heart of our restaurant ensemble. In this bright and open setting, you are served a fragrant concoction of carefully prepared delicacies, with inspiration to suit every palate.


  • Qatar newest oriental and international luxury themed restaurant venue
  • The city’s only restaurants complex under one roof (3 restaurants, 3 terraces, 2 lounges)
  • The grandest restaurant venue in Doha
  • The finest spot in the Pearl with 360 degrees view
  • Easy access and location
  • Indoor and outdoor seating facilities
  • Multiple private family sections
  • Valet Parking
  • Complimentary WIFI
  • Secured and smart kids playing areas


Both in our fine dining areas and in the kitchen, the talented teams at Yasmine Palace make sure every meal is an unforgettable occasion. 

In the dining areas, the staff work, well in advance, to ensure our guests have a smooth and elevated experience, while the kitchen staff hold themselves to exacting standards. 

The art of stylish catering services is also practiced here with a decided passion for excellence. The teams move in harmony and fulfill a holistic role whilst catering to our patrons. 

, THE EXPERIENCE, YASMINE PALACE - مطعم قصر الياسمين
  • , THE EXPERIENCE, YASMINE PALACE - مطعم قصر الياسمين
  • , THE EXPERIENCE, YASMINE PALACE - مطعم قصر الياسمين


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Pearl Qatar, Qatar

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