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Why it will be a great addition to your feed: The restaurant, which looks like a hotel from the outside, is housed in its own block with a grand entrance, palm trees, and outdoor terraces. It serves Arabic, Qatari and Syrian cuisines. And while the food scene is worth-noting, Yasmine Palace’s grand and opulent interior is another story. While inside, you can freely roam around and just take portraiture of yourself. But of course, it’ll be a lot more convenient if you bring an official photographer along with you! With its warm and pleasant ambiance, you will find joy in every corner. Its magical beauty is engraved on the surface of the walls.
When’s the best time to visit?:During one of the five weekday evenings we would say, when the crowd is so-so and the ambiance is acceptably lively.
Any photography restrictions?: Feel free. But back off a bit once the place gets packed with ladies wearing abaya. You don’t want to invade their privacy.
Don’t miss:The pleasing smell of the jasmine flower (where the hotel’s name was derived from) will transport you to historical places and through ages.


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You cannot miss Yasmine Palace as you walk down the Porto Arabia promenade. The restaurant is housed in its own block with a grand entrance, palm trees, and outdoor terraces.

When it is officially open it will have 3 separate restaurants serving Arabic, Qatari and Syrian cuisines – each dining area will showcase the best of the region’s cuisine, and will have its own decorative style. It is also expected that they will introduce shisha soon.

If you have visitors coming to Qatar and want to introduce them to regional cuisines in a perfect setting then this is the spot! The dining room has sophisticated elements mixed with an outdoor courtyard feel, and there is plenty of varied seating for any group size. The best spot in the restaurant has to be the smaller booths in front of the indoor fountain in front of the stage – yes they will have live muscians too!


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