At Yasmine Palace, there are three Terraces with competing views. Diners have the option to soak in the beautiful views of The Pearl from our sprawling terraces where the sun glistens off the water and the surrounding community during the day, and the night lights envelop you in a sense of warmth after dusk.


You can choose from three distinct views of the surrounding environment, including a tryst with imagination whilst overlooking the yacht marina. Perhaps you are in the mood for a nice cozy gathering space, or a refreshing sea view. Let our team lead you to the location and choose the setting that resonates with you.


For those who appreciate a fragrant shisha, The Terrace is the perfect place to unwind and choose from an extensive menu. The choices are classic, as well as offbeat.


Marina Terrace

Yasmine Palace - قصر الياسمين, Pearl Qatar, Doha


Skyline Terrace


Fountain Terrace


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Pearl Qatar, Qatar

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